The FIRST movie about energy, people
and energy cooperatives on European scale!

If you were told that you could earn more on switching to clean energy than on a super deposit in a bank? More than 4%? Would that encourage you?

  • My main goal isn't to stop climate change. My main goal is to get the power back into our own hands.

    Siward Zomer, Director ODE Decentraal and Chairman De Windvogel cooperative

This is a completely different movie about
how energy could be produced.



Karel Derveaux - Executive Board Member, Ecopower cvba

Claude Turmes - Environmentalist. Member of
European Parliament from

Dirk Vansintjan - President of Ecopower
RES Coop and
Antwerp, Belgium

Molly Walsh - Community Power
Friends of the Earth
Brussels, Belgium

Karel Derveaux – Executive Board Member, Ecopower cvba,
Antwerp, Belgium


Robert Pašičko - Low Carbon Expert
United Nations Development Programme
Zagreb, Croatia


Erik Christiansen - President of Middelgrunden RES Coop
Copenhagen, Denmark

Prof. Brian Vad Mathiesen - Development and Energy Planning
Aalborg Univ. Copenhagen, Denmark

Erik Frølund-Thomsen – chairman of Hvidovre RES coop,
Hvidovre, Denmark


Kevin Chaplais - Manager of "Energie Solidaire"
Enercoop RES Coop. Paris, France

Bernard Laponche, Ph.D. - Physicist of Nuclear Reactors
General Director of AFME, 1982-87
French Agency for Energy
Management. Paris, France

Mathieu Richard - Chairman of the Board of Directors in
Enercoop RES Coop. Paris, France

Emmanuel Soulias - General Director at Enercoop
RES Coop. Paris, France


Hans-Josef Fell - President of Energy Watch Group
Hammelburg, Germany

Lutz Ribbe - President of Sustainable Development
Observatory in the European Economic
and Social Committee. Germany

Dr Andreas Wieg - Head of the German Office
for Energy Cooperatives
Berlin, Germany


Nikos Diaremes - member of Sifnos Island RES Coop
Apostolos Dimopoulos - President of Sifnos Island RES Coop
Sifnos, Greece

Giannis Gyllis - Deputy Representative of Sifnos
Island RES Coop. Greece

Prof. Dimitris Katsaprakakis - Technological Educational
Ina stitute of Crete, Greece

Panagiotis Seimanidis - Member of Sifnos Island RES Coop

Maria Trapali - Member of Sifnos Island
RES Coop. Greece


Prof. Luca Mercalli - Climatologist. President of
Italian Meteorological
Society. Turin, Italy

Prof. Vincenzo Balzani - Department of Chemistry
University Bologna, Italy


Albert Jansen
Senior Advisor Planning and Renewables,

AgentschapNL. Amsterdam, Netherlands

John Schoonbroodt - Chairman of Zuidenwind RES Coop
Nederweert, Netherlands

Siward Zomer - President of De Windvogel RES Coop
& Dutch Federation of RES Coops
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Dr Adam Piechowski - Director of Cooperative Research Institute
at National Cooperative Council.
Warsaw, Poland

Prof. Szymon Malinowski - Atmospheric Physicist, Earth Sciences.
Director of The Institute of Geophysics,
Univ. of Warsaw, Poland


Miguel Almeida – Project Coordinator, Coopernico RES coop,
Lisboa, Portugal

Nuno Brito Jorge - CEO of Boa Energia
President of Coopernico RES Coop
Lisbon, Portugal

Ricardo Moura - Energy Engineer in EDP
(Energias de Portugal)
Member of Coopernico RES Coop
Lisbon, Portugal


Gijsbert Huijink, Ph.D. - Quantitative Economics, Univ. Amsterdam
Founder of Som Energia RES Coop
Girona, Spain

United Kingdom:

Mark Billsborough - Head of Renewables, Trading & MI
Co-op Energy. Warwick, United Kingdom

Ian Bright - President of Totnes Renewable
Energy Society TRESOC
Totnes, United Kingdom

Joshua Brown - Renewables Manager in Co-op
Energy. Warwick, United Kingdom

Tim Crisp - Director at Southill
Community Energy
Oxford, United Kingdom

Jeremy Corbyn - MP, Leader of the Labour Party
London, United Kingdom

Ramsay Dunning - Non Executive Director of
Co-operative Energy
Warwick, United Kingdom

Kayla Ente - Founder and CEO of Brighton &
Hove Energy Services Coop.
Brighton, United Kingdom

Adriano Figueiredo - Operations Director Low Carbon Hub
Oxford, United Kingdom
Clare Hirst - Manager at Rochdale Pioneers Museum,
Rochdale, United Kingdom

Alex Hunt - Director at Brighton & Hove
Energy Services Coop
Brighton, United Kingdom

Howard Johns - Energy Engineer
Co-founder of OVESCO RES Coop
Lewes, United Kingdom

Ed Mayo - Secretary General of Co-operatives UK
Chief Executive of The National Consumer
Council. London, United Kingdom

Paul Monaghan - Sustainability Adviser
Co-operative Energy
Warwick, United Kingdom

Agamemnon Otero - CEO of Repowering London
London, United Kingdom

Tom Parkinson - Chair of Westmill Solar
Co-operative Watchfield
United Kingdom
Ben Reid - CEO The Midcounties Co-operative
Warwick, United Kingdom

Nick Rouse – Co-founder of OVESCO RES Coop

Chris Rowland - Co-founder and Administrator OVESCO RES Coop
Lewes, United Kingdom

Caspar Sayany - University of Exeter
Totnes, United Kingdom

Gareth Thomas - MP, Chair of the Co-operative
Party. London, United Kingdom



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Adam Dzienis

Weronika Bloch

Jacek Błaszczyk

Maciek Lewiński

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