Human Energy

How to save the world and make money.

🏆Best Film Colorado International Activism Film, USA (2019)
🏆 Honorable Mention Humanitarian Award and 🏆 Award of Merit on Accolade Global Film Competition, USA (2018)
🏆 Best Cinematography – Alternative Film Festival, Canada (2018)
🏆 Award of Merit in Best Liberation/Social Justice/Protest Film on The Impact DOCS Awards, USA (2018)

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“Human Energy” tels about people, frightened by the catastrophic perspective of climate change, tried to break the stereotypical approach to energy. They take power into their hands and fight for financial and energy independence.
By creating RES cooperatives they’re starting to generate their own energy, empower people to act, change the attitude to common goods and make together money on it.

Would 5% convince you to change your energy supplier? Give up fossil fuels? Stop feeding the greed multinational corporations? To stop feeling like FUEL…

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Responsible business

Co-ownership means everyone has equal influence on the co-op’s decisions: “one vote”, no matter how many shares you have invested.

financial & energy independence

What if we get together, build small, distributed wind farm, solar or biogas and water plants, and consume our own energy?

Circular Economy

Unlike traditional power grids, this network of microgrids is built upon existing local renewable resources and the money stays in the community.

For me it was the best discussion panel during the entire COP24

After polish premiere screening at COP24, a woman from the Republic of South Africa, stood up and said the clues in the film and the discussion after the film gave her more than all the other Panels at COP24.
movie production

3 years Movie production

dozens res coops

What is a cooperative?
What motivates people to act together?
What are the models of energy cooperatives?
Does it really work?

12 countries

A journey through Europe in search of people open to telling their stories.
England, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Poland and Portugal.


Independence from the influence of large corporations, dirty energy, and money.

Director Adam Dzienis was looking for the answer: what is the truth?
about us

About Us

Adam Dzienis and Weronika Bloch 

Adam gave up his work in mainstream media to do more positive impact. We put our experience and careers because we simply wanted to create honest and meaningful stories.  Human Energy was produced in 3 years mostly by our savings with a lot of determination against untrust, hypocrisy, and conspiracy.

Fellowship of The ring
Fellowship of The ring

producer and director

Adam dzienis

Musician, photographer, actor, journalist, writer, director, editor, producer

Until I was 18, I did not pay special attention to so-called ecological movements. I grew up in the countryside and, despite moving to the city, I helped my father, the energy engineer of Bialystok Furniture to cultivate the land after work. I’m graduate of the Theater Academy in Warsaw, Poland and author of many documentaries and television shows, including a series of reportages: “Paths into Marley ” filmed in Jamaica (2008) or documentary „Persona” about Krystian Lupa. Actor, screenwriter and director of the television culture show “Łossskot”, (HUGO Award Chicago 2007). Winner of the prestige EBU Connect Award 2010 for the promotional film “Tour de Pologne” (2009). My experimental short film “Rasta”, 2012 was shown at the Łaźnia Center for Contemporary Art during the International Festival IN OUT, Gdańsk 2015 and selected for VI International Film Festival Golden Frame. After 20 years of working in the media, first as a radio station, actor, screenwriter then director and editor, producer at last, when I am slowly becoming independent, the topic of energy comes back to me.

Weronika Bloch

Production Manager

Black clouds of Smougas hung over the World. There is no longer any great or serious scientific organization in the world that would deny human influence on the progress of climate change on our planet. After my visit to Thessaloniki in 2014, I told Adam, exhausted by his Orkocorporate media work, about an interesting Greek initiative. In the maze of fake news, we searched for hidden paths of true information. In the meantime, I finished another unnecessary university study, Adam sold the apartment, completed the film equipment with a small camera, a small laptop for quick editing, and together we set off to document the world of the hobbitish communities of renewable energy producers and retailers of Middle-earth. I learned from it how much it costs to tell the truth and not to flatter the tastes of others.




Freedom of speach

Conference “Civil’ energy NOW! Time for communities and energy cooperatives” POL-ECO SYSTEM trade fair 10 October 2019 in Poznań, Poland. (10.10.2019) link

Congresses of dispersed energy “II Forum Energetyki Rozproszonej” at AGH, Krakow, Poland (24.11.2019) link


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One of 7 must-see movies about climate change
The 11th International KUALA LUMPUR ECO FILM FESTIVAL 2018


"Revolution in clean energy!"
"Inspiring live guide"
"This movie is for everyone. For those who, up to this point, have not been following the civilizational transformation of the energy sector, that is now spreading all over the world."

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