Hi, We are Adam Dzienis and Weronika Bloch.
We met in 2012 in the Warsaw Club “Regeneration” at the premiere of Adam’s film “Rasta”, a documentary video artwork about Polish rasta principles. Four years earlier, Adam made the film “Paths into Marley’s Paths into Marley” in Jamaica, which enabled him to get to know the Warsaw environment. My friend was a rasta and that’s how we met. It turned out that we have a common view of the world.
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During one of the conversations Weronika told me about an interesting initiative from Europe, about which she heard at the Thessaloniki Conference. Two years earlier I had resigned from the official media and I was still looking for a sensible topic that could have a positive impact in the future. In the Polish press, the idea of people looking for common energy independence almost does not exist. In the foreign press it’s a little better.
It turned out, however, that the main media were not interested in participating in production and I have to decide whether I am financing the project myself. I knew that if I had the trial footage, I could look for sponsors and the media might be interested in it.

The idea seemed unusual, even utopian to me: a social common clean energy. Not paying attention to the financial participation of the media and rather the reluctance to do so, Adam decided to sell the apartment and set off on a risky journey, without film crew. We met people on the road, talked, made contacts, and traveled by public transport.
We often had to face mistrust and convince ourselves that we are not Russian agents. Once we managed to gain people’s trust, they often opened up to the camera. We learned their motivation, why they set up cooperatives, what their problems are, what is the challenge.
Fellowship of The ring

Fellowship of The ring


movie characters


Different events we were at


Interviews and meetings held

During the 3 years of production we have travelled 12 countries.

In the film we presented the most important principles of the cooperative.
But we also looked for the answer why people want to get involved in such joint initiatives.
We showed various examples of operating models, different technological solutions. We talked about legal or political conditions in different countries. We saw that what motivates people to change and directs them to action is money.

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Over 30 film festivals around the world


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