Green Summer Academy in Ośno Lubuskie

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10 July 2019
Energy cooperatives would gain if the Senate bent over the amendment of the RES Act in Poland
1 August 2019
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Green Summer Academy in Ośno Lubuskie

We have been invited to Green Summer Academy.

It is a three-day conference where scientists, experts, activists and politicians were invited to discuss the current state of the environment, anthropopressure, the future of energy, house building solutions as adaptation to climate change. There were discussed issues of nuclear energy, (eco)mobility and how to educate people about the current situation.  which was brought about by man through irrational exploitation of nature. Conference took place at the School of Economics in Ośno Lubuskie.

Excessive exploitation of nature: exhaustion of sources of energy and other natural sources, pollution of the environment and food, intensive agriculture, excessive regulation of rivers, the problem of climate change and the prospect of great climate migration.

During the discussion on the future of energy in Poland, Weronika Bloch talked about Adam Dzienis’ Human Energy film and examples of energy cooperatives in Europe as a new phenomenon that can help to shift from fossil fuels to clean energy.

She talked about the Polish reality, where there are large divisions in politics and a lack of will to discuss the future of energy beyond the ruling and opposition parties. When a political group that still favours coal, oil and gas introduces solutions to support the construction of biogas plants or water mills, this is denied or even not discussed in the opposition political camp. She said that there are people in Europe who, while not waiting for political decisions, or often even because of unfavourable political decisions, decide to set up energy cooperatives themselves and to produce and sell energy from renewable sources. They spend the profits from such activities on profit for their members, and often also on new projects and educational activities for their community.


Speakers of the panel: Krystyna Boczkowska (ex-CEO Bosch Polska, Partia Zieloni), Radosław Gawlik (Eko-Unia, Partia Zieloni), Tomasz Wojciechowski (IGOZ, Partia Zieloni), Maciej Wereszczyński (Extinction Rebellion), Weronika Bloch (Human Energy)

The entire debate is available in Polish.

photo by: Joanna Górska