Screening at Good Energy Summit in Vis, Croatia

IMPACT DOCS Awards – nomination
5 May 2018
Human Energy won The Accolade Global Film Competition​
7 June 2018
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Our film "Human Energy" directed by Adam Dzienis was shown during Good Energy Summit in Vis (Croatia), May 2 to May 5, 2018.

The meeting on Vis was was organized by Green Energy Cooperative (Zelena energetska zadruga) and its partners, intended for anyone who develops renewable energy sources seen as an opportunity for the development of local communities. More than 80 domestic and European experts, researchers, practitioners, decision makers, social entrepreneurs, innovators, activists and enthusiasts dealing with civil energy, developing energy-sustaining communities and energy poverty from different backgrounds will take part in the event. Among them are Dirk Vansitian - President of the European Federation of Energy Cooperatives ( and the founder of the largest Belgian energy cooperative Eco Power with more than 50,000 members, the advocate of energy democracy, David Donerer - representative of the European Energy Cities Cities Association, based in France, which Daniel Chavez - an expert working in the field of participatory urban planning, public service reform, a representative of the Transnational Institute, an international institute for the research and building of a democratic and sustainable world, Paul Phare - an expert, has gathered over 1000 cities in the European Union and helps local authorities in the energy transition, and a practitioner working in the English Energy Efficiency Energy4all, with over 15 years of experience in civil energy projects, helped develop 5 energy cooperatives in Scotland, including Lanakshire, which has raised more than 3 million pounds for a wind farm project, Mark Graham representative of Robin Hood Energy, a non-profit non-profit organization in the city of Nottingham that deals with electricity supply and caring for socially vulnerable households, Barbara Kalker - representative of Caritas and their program of energy advisers to combat energy poverty in Germany, operating at the level of more than 150 cities, Ignacio Navarro - an expert in energy and a representative of Greenpeace from Greece.