The Warsaw Exhibition opened!

The Warsaw Exhibition opened!

19th of March in Warsaw took place the vernissage of our photographs, made during the production journey and the screening of „Human Energy“ movie. That was really pleased to meet many new people.people paid attention to the uniqueness of the composition and moments captured in the photos taken during the film trip. They reflected the mood in which were authors, often catching moments of rest during their more than two years of being outside of Poland.On the movie screening of Human Energy was a full house. 🙂 After the show, with a glass of wine, there were long-lasting conversations. Many people were surprised by examples from Greece, England or Denmark how it is possible that people in Europe cooperate in making renewable energy. And people compared it to a situation in Poland. The well-known propagators of science about climate and energy took part in the opening: prof. Szymon Malinowski, Atmospheric Physicist, Earth Sciences, Director of Institute of Geophysics. University of Warsaw, and Marcin Popkiewiecz, author of a best-seller about Energy Revolution from the Polish perspective. There were also people from the field of culture and art, including painter Weronika Naszarkowska-Multanowska, Ewa Oosińska-Rozpędek a sculptor Marek Karkoszka.

Most of the photos were taken by Adam Dzienis. Some are also by Veronica Bloch

The exhibition is open from 19/3 to 08.04/2019 in hours 12 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Culture Center Forma SBM “Politechnika” Żuławskiego 4/6 street, Warsaw, Poland

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