Dear All

Thank You for choosing to watch our movie. We produced "Human Energy" investing our savings without any media participation, any funding from the European Union, with a little support from a crowdfunding campaign. We made it because we've realized that the message could be very important. We charge a few dollars for watching to cover our costs and is put toward distribution and promotion for Human Energy and the making of our next documentaries.

Duration: 62 '
Polish-British production: Day Film Ltd, 2018
Producer and director: Adam Dzienis

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This platform requires to put an email but don't worry, we won't send you selling offers, just a "thank you" email. :) It just Gumroad's plugin for all different products sellers but if it's still inconvenient for You, put any@thing.The main language in the movie is English but there are fragments in 9 different languages in the movie. You can choose between two versions:
1. English version - with hardcoded English subs only in other languages parts and
2. International version - with no hardcoded subs with an option to switch on French, Polish and Spanish subs for the whole time.

We hope You will enjoy our movie.

Kind Regards

Day Film Team

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