Wernisaż wystawy fotograficznej i projekcji filmu – Warszawa

Wernisaż wystawy fotograficznej i projekcji filmu – Warszawa

Zapraszamy na wernisaż wystawy fotograficznej „Przeciw prądowi” oraz pokaz filmu „Energia ludzka” Adama Dzienisa

Wtorek, 19 marca 2019 r. O godz. 19.00 w Centrum Kultury Forma, SBM „Politechnika” ul. Żuławskiego 4/6, Warszawa
Wystawa czynna jest od 19.03. Do 08.04.2019 w godz. 12.00 – 20:00.

The black Smoug clouds hung over the World. There is no longer any large or serious scientific organization that would deny human influence on the progress of climate change on our planet. After a visit to Thessaloniki in 2014, Weronika told to depressed by working in Orcorpo Media Adam about an interesting observation. After annual fruitless internet searches, they matured. Weronika finished another unnecessary study, Adam sold the flat, completed the film equipment, tuned small laptop for quick edit and together they set out to document the world of the Hobbits communities of producers and sellers of renewable energy in the Middle-earth

After many attempts, rejecting the suggested propaganda style, partially edited footage convinced hobbits to be filmed. Despite many promises from the elders of participation in the crowdfunding campaign, only 5% of the Journey budget was collected. Despite the inability to hire a professional film team, Adam and Weronika decided to make the film by themselves, using public transport and sleeping where they rest. That’s how the film „Human Energy” was made, a chronicle of Hobbits fighting with a greedously monstrous system.

It was not easy for our Frodo and Sam to wade through the thickets of distrust, hypocrisy and assholism, especially because they could only communicate in a hobbit language. They often lost their way because the twisted Absurds of the Deep Eye of Fossil Fuel pursued them all over Middle-earth. They had to erase the material recorded in Africa because one of the king’s permission was too late. Even sensitive gangsta warrior from Casablanca and hiding from all over the world knight of hip-hop from As-Sawira could not convince the king. First permission, then filming … There was a lot of stories, but the paper to be filled is small.

Two years later, on the last day of making footage, one of the main film characters whispered, that the greatest hobbits’ fear was… publicity. From their point of view, it was like „to be or not to be…”. After all, if the governments of the Allied Technations learned what the hobbits really planned, they would have silently blocked the revolution. Now they can’t because the film was made – the remorse of a series of electric charges and a guide on how to drive this energy. „Human Energy” among others is also for all who don’t want to read with understanding the energy bill but feel the need to decide. The rest is si­len­ce.

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