Festival of Environmental Films in Chefchaouen

We are selected to the International Festival of Environmental Films in Chefchaouen, Morocco, which will take place June 27-30, 2018.

The association Talassemtane for the environment and development (ATED) since it creation in 1996 work in the field of the environment through several projects of which ATED is proud to realize with the population and the local authorities, projects which first place to value the human and material potential and create reliable and sustainable resources through income-generating activities, And according to this context and for the citizens attentive to the fate of the planet, the cinema through the films is sometimes a vector of taking of ecological awareness and sustainable development. It is this main role entrusted to him at the International Festival of Environmental Films, to inform, educate and raise public awareness of the world as it is, and likely to be. Faced with challenges and uncertainties, men react and act.

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