Review by one of the greatest authorities of Polish Power Engineering: Jan Popczyk

This movie is for everyone. For those who, up to this point, have not been following the civilizational transformation of the energy sector, that is now spreading all over the world. Also for those who are curious about how people in Europe organize themselves in energy cooperatives and build social capital which is a value in itself. For those who cynically block the energy transformation in order to protect the interest groups embedded in the traditional energy sector, which has been transformed, throughout history, from having a mission, contributing to the society, into a system of covering their own costs at the expense of the society.

Finally, for those who, by virtue of their power, should feel responsible for carrying out the energy sector transformation for the good of the country, but unfortunately, for various reasons – lack of competence, political interests and other – do not do it.

Adam Dzienis, the producer and director of the film “Human Energy”, presents a different view of the transition from coal to renewable energy sources – different from the one reported in the Polish media. He introduces RES energy co-operatives to the stage: groups of different sizes and communities of people, which are connected by the production and consumption of clean energy at the level of the neighbourhood, district, island, city.

It shows what it is like to cross a barrier – which in a modern society symbolizes an escape from today’s uncomfortable decisions. It shows the way to understand that our future is in our hands. It shows that we are the ones who are responsible for negligence when we do not react… And it would not be so bad if we were not aware, but we already know. We already know that green energy is good, that the only way out is distributed energy generation, that the already available technological mix of renewable energy sources is an economically viable alternative to nuclear energy.

“Human Energy” is for EVERYONE, especially for those who don’t know or don’t care about energy and climate change.

If, here in Poland, we do not understand what everyone‘s right to consume their own energy is about, and we do not use this right effectively, sooner or later someone from outside of Poland will use this chance to do business. And we will play the role of the victim again. We will proclaim that the world once again took advantage of us. But our real problem is still the inability to maintain focus and effort in a time when there is no war. To connect within common civic activities during peacetime. And at the same time, we tend to stake our claims to what others achieve through their consistent efforts. We feel entitled. In the modern world, however, this is not a way to improve the status of the country, or the status of each of us.

In the modern world, it is better to understand the inevitability of the laws of nature, to have a broad perspective of the world, to recognize that man is created for coexistence and cooperation, and not for conflict. That it is the effort that gives us a chance to arduously climb the civilizational ladder. The film Human Energy deftly shows that, in the energy sector, it is particularly important at this stage.


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