“Human Energy” is an energetic story about people, from 12 European different countries, frightened by the catastrophic perspective of climate change. 

They break the stereotypical approach and take power into their hands.


By creating RES (renewable energy source) coop movement they show how to take care of ourselves, empower people to act, change the attitude to common goods and make together money on it.

My goal isn’t to stop climate change. My goal is to take power into our hands

Siward Zomer – President of De Windvogel RES Coop & Dutch Federation of RES Coops. Amsterdam, Netherlands


What are the benefits of the circular economy in the energy sector ?How to cooperate with state decision-makers in that matter? What would happen if instead of wasting money on obsolete thinking and technologies, spend it together to build small, distributed wind farms, solar or biogas plants and consume our own energy?

“Human Energy” is for EVERYONE, especially for those who don’t know or don’t care about energy and climate change.

More than 2,500 RES cooperatives in Europe believe in responsible approach and sustainable energy.


The issues of economics, geopolitics and power engineering are surprisingly presented by several outstanding scientists:


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United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ


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