Do you want break stereotypical approach and take power into your hands?

Revolutionary film blocked by mainstream media

Do you want to take matters into your own hands in your community?
Are you tired of energy prices being dictated by big corporations? Do you want to explain to your neighbours how to save energy, money and the environment? 

Show the video in your community, invite your neighbours and your friends. Or maybe you want to do a screening at your school or festival? 

Write to us and we will help you organize a screening.
Now you can also organize an online screening. 

“Human Energy” is the first film about energy cooperatives in Europe
realized on such a large scale.

From the stories of dozens of people from 12 European countries:

 Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain

 A modern chronicle was created that courageously breaks the stereotypical approach to climate change and green business.


We are unbelievably grateful for interest around our movie because we’ve made this movie mostly by our savings and after finishing we were financially broke. With no budget for promotion but plans for the next film and projects 🙂

Purchase A Screening License


License for informal local groups/students/cooperatives/small NGOs:

Groups of up to 20 people – £40

Groups of about 20-50 people – £80

Licenses for large legal entities:

Conferences, Events, Festivals:

50-100 people – £100
More than 100 people – £200

We have done our best to price the licenses fairly, for both people wishing to host a screening and ourselves.
All the money from licenses is put toward promotion and distribution for “Human Energy” and to support the next (not only) energy project we’ve started to work on. 🙂 

Do you have materials I can use for promoting my screening?

Yes! We have a folder of promotional materials for screenings here:

If you need help preparing materials in your language, just write to us.

If you want to make a screening in your school or on public event, please contact us:

“Human Energy” is for EVERYONE, especially for those who
don’t know or don’t care about energy and climate change. 

There are countries where EVERYONE can get savings on the energy bill and profit more than from a bank deposit. Would 5% convince you to change your energy supplier? Give up fossil fuels? Stop feeding the greed multinational corporations? To stop feeling like FUEL...


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