Konference in Silesia

On January 22, the conference “Opportunities resulting from the energy transformation of Lower Silesia” took place.
The conference was organized by the Ecological Association EKO-UNIA with the support of the Institute for Territorial Development.
The aim of the conference was to present alternative methods of obtaining energy and possible scenarios for the Polish and Lower Silesian energy sector. The conference was addressed primarily to local government officials, Lower Silesia officials dealing with energy and environmental issues, experts and scientists interested in the subject of energy transformation of the region, local activists and non-governmental organizations.

The conference was attended by a well-known Polish scientist, prof. dr hab. Eng. Jan Popczyk – an expert in electrical power and distributed energy from the Silesian University of Technology. He gave a lecture on the role of energy clusters and communes in energy transformation. The councillors from the Lower Silesian Regional Assembly also took part, who talked about the plans that local authorities have in this direction.

Speech by Adam Dzienis

In the second part, there was a panel discussion, where Adam Dzienis presented the film “Human Energy” and talked about several examples from Europe, how people began to collect and set up cooperatives. He spoke, among others about the example of Spain and England, where people treat being in a cooperative or in the community as an opportunity to meet at the grill and talk to their neighbours, and doing business for renewable energy is “by the way”.




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