Screening at Climate Academy in Warsaw

Screening at Climate Academy in Warsaw

In response to the growing concern of climate issues, several mass protests started took place since November 2018 with a quarterly series of events taking place this year leading up to the main event scheduled for Sept. 27, 2019.
The demonstrations are organized by a grassroots movement known as Earth Strike. The protesters hope to raise awareness of the ongoing climate crisis and pressure leaders to act on those issues. The organization cites a 2017 report indicating that 100 companies produce more than 70 per cent of the world’s emissions, reminding us that in 12 short years the global effects of such emissions will be irreversible and the time to act is now.

Earth Strike is an international civic movement that puts pressure on governments and corporations to take immediate action to prevent climate change. They work by organizing protests and other public events. This year they protested on January 15 (and February 15). In addition to the April event, one more protest is planned around August 1 and a general strike on 27 September. Earth Strike events take place in many Polish and World cities. As a bottom-up movement, they cooperate with other civic movements and non-governmental organizations as well as individual people. They all share a concern for the future of people. They want to leave habitable earth behind them for future generations and other species.

❗20: 30 – 22.00 Human Energy, screening of the film about alternative ways of generating electricity + conversation with the creators (Jazdów 3/18 Cultural Center Śródmieście – Rotational House of Culture in Jazdów)

A series of classes will be conducted, among others by specialists related to the Science on climate portal (

1. CO2 reduction and friendly energy sources. -> Jazdów 3/6, Otwarta Pracownia Jazdów

The organizers invite to a series of classes conducted, among others by specialists related to the Science on climate portal (
❗16.30 dr hab. Jacek Pniewski, Climate science, Institute of Geophysics, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw – lecture “Where is it so warm?”
❗17.10 Anna Sierpińska, Climate science, landscape architect, graphic designer, process analyst at the interface between business / citizens / nature – climate quizzes addressing various issues related to climate change
❗17.50 Patrycja Zasowska, Academy of Sciences on climate – workshops “weather and climate and probability”
❗18.30 Marek Elis, Academy of Sciences on climate – lecture “Facts and myths about windmills”
❗19.10 Michał Kolbusz, ecologist, Mammal Biology Institute Polish Academy of Sciences – lecture “Automotive as a major CO2 issuer and what to do about it”

2. Just transformation – let’s talk! -> Jazdów 5a / 1, Bullerbyn Foundation in Jazdów

❗16.30 – 19.30 When we say “just transformation”, we think of the problem of providing new jobs for workers in the quenched mines. This is a good association, but it does not exhaust the topic. Learn more. In this house, you will be able to meet people who know something about the transformation from their own experience or have expert knowledge on the subject. Talk to them alone and learn about their history. Arrange your imagination of what a just transformation is.
You can come to an event at any time. You can choose one or more interlocutors and have a 20-minute conversation with each of them.
The event will be accompanied by the presentation of the socio-artistic project “Hałda Rokitnikowa” by Diana Lelonek and the presentation of the Ushirika cooperative.

3. Habitat of nature -> Jazdów 3/20, Embassy of Traditional Music

Why forests? At the Climate Strike, it is impossible not to mention the role of forests in the accumulation of carbon dioxide and the protection of the Earth’s climate.
❗16.30 “From the forest to coal and back: A brief history of the carbon cycle in nature”, Mgr inż. Michał Kolbusz, environmental protection specialist, member of the Forest Camp. He lives in Białowieża.
❗17.00 Michał Gorczak “Where are the natural forests in Europe?”, Michał Gorczak, a member of the Forest Camp, PhD student at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw.
❗17.30 “Let the swamp devour us”, dr hab. Wiktor Kotowski, prof. UW, a lover and researcher of wetlands
❗ 18.00 “Convincing convinced, converting believers. Attempts to cross social boundaries in an interview on nature conservation “, Jędrek Owsiński, nature educator, biology teacher, ornithologist, enthusiast of Podlasie
❗ 18.30 – “What in the Forest Piszczy?”, Michał Książek, poet, reporter, cultural expert and ornithologist.
❗19.00 “What can I do for the forest?”, Grześ Stopa, nature educator, teacher
❗16.00 – 19.30 Activists and activists The camp for the Forest and the Wild Carpathians Initiative, which will be happy to talk with guests about the Forest, forests in Poland, prolapse activism.
❗16.00 – 19.30. Workshop for children: a collage-collage “How are climate change created?”. The model will organize and take care of children: Katarzyna Kotiuk – biologist, ecologist, feminist, biology teacher and wolf enthusiast, currently professionally specializing in accounting; Karolina Petrović – doctor of biological sciences with preparation for early childhood education, specialist for kitan foxes and squirrels, currently investigating wild boars on behalf of the Mammal Research Institute in Białowieża as part of the ENETWILD project; Ania Mięta – an artist from all kinds of arts, a pedagogue and a lover of active activities with children. Workshops for children of all ages. We provide care for children.
❗17.30 – 19.00 A workshop on drawing trees for children will be led by Anna Kolińska
❗16.00 – 19.30 Films from the Bialowieza Forest and the Carpathians, a telescope for bird watching, photos of Paulina Mirowska and sound recordings from the Białowieża Forest by Joanna Bieńkowska

4. Nutrition –> Jazdów 3/9, „Motyka and Słońce“ (hoe and sun)

❗16: 30 Workshops with sewing of Bazar Bags – for groats, beans, nuts …
During the workshop, we will talk with the team “Eco_Bit” about how to reduce the presence of plastic in our home. We will pay attention to habits that contribute to the pollution of our planet.
❗17: 30 Meeting with the Well Cooperative (Good Cooperative) – presentation of the cooperative’s activities and a detailed description of the Nyeleni Poland Food Sovereignty Movement campaign “I do not buy in the supermarket”.
❗ 18:30 Meeting with the Coalition Live Earth
❗19: 30 “State of Masovian arable land of 23/04/2019”, presentation of an interview with a farmer – salt of the Bug River land. Comment by Wojtek Mejor – educator, activist, designer, actively involved in the movement of food cooperatives, and the Coalition Live Earth.
❗16: 30 – 20:00 Bazarek ES – bring your homemade products along with the recipe, sell or exchange with other bazaar customers. At the bazaar will be Cooperative Well with the products of Sławomir Serwach and Zbyszek Chajęcki.
❗16.30 – 19.30 Hemp Stallions – Dr Hempatic – tea, white, seeds, oil and hemp medicine

5. Responsibility of corporations and governments -> Jazdów 8/2, Eight By Two

❗16.30 – 19.30. What are my personal choices on the climate situation? How much extra do you pay for coal production annually? Why is it cheaper to fly to Prague than to get there by train? Where is European CO2 escaping? Why did the energy concern Vatenfall suing Germany? Why did the citizens of the Netherlands allow their state? What did Margaret Thatcher think about climate change?
We invite you to the info-exhibition, which will try to answer these and many other questions, but most likely it will make you bet next. You do not need to reach us at a specific time – we are waiting for you with information and space for conversation throughout the duration of the Academy. We will be assisted by graphic aids and video-commentaries of experts: Professor Ewa Bińczyk – philosophers, authors of the book Epok człowieka. Rhetoric and apathy of the Anthropocene, and doctor Andrzej Kassenberg – initiator and first chairman of the Commission on Environmental Impact Assessments at the Ministry of the Environment in Poland and co-founder of the Institute for Sustainable Development.

6. Activism – let us act now! –> Jazdów 3/5, Chata Numinosum

Social activism is a way of acting to bring about specific changes. The very word activism includes “activity” or “action” as a form of expressing its opposition.
❗16.30 – 20.00 Exhibition “Our demands, our banners”, Strike for the Earth – Earthstrike PL
❗16.30 – 20.00 “Station” – creating posters for children and youth, Youth Climate Strike
❗16.30 – 18.30. Table of questions and interviews, Youth Climate Strike
❗16.30 – 17.10 Lecture on the subject of the Citizens’ Panel Monika Sadkowska (Foundation YES – Open Discovery NO)
❗17.30 – 18.10. A lecture about Self care, Karolina Woźniak (Initiative from Nature of Things)
❗ 18.30 – 20.30 “Action now – how to plan and perform actions without violence” Extinction Rebellion Polska
❗19.00 – 20.00 Camp for Climate – what is it, who is behind it, where, when and how can you join?

7. Artistic events

❗16.30 – 20.00 Fountain of Józek Gałązka. Bring old watering cans, buckets, bowls, glasses, glasses, funnels and hose. Join the creation of the sculpture (Jazdów 3/9 Solatorium)
❗16.30 – 20.00 collective installation – we invite you to learn the craft in the spirit of up-recycle and to add your elements to the growing installation (Jazdów 3/9 Solatorium)
17: 30-18: 30:30 Improvised singing workshops conducted by Gosia Wrzosek (Jazdów 3/9 Solatorium)

❗20: 30 – 22.00 Human Energy, screening of the film about alternative ways of generating electricity + conversation with the creators (Jazdów 3/18 Cultural Center Śródmieście – Rotational House of Culture in Jazdów)

❗20: 00 – 21:00 Edka Jarząb (concert) – Fak tekno where are the birds – live act made of animal recordings (Square of Social Dialogue – Otwarty Jazdów)
❗21: 00 – 21.30 Stara Śpiewka (concert) – Lovers of white singing folk songs (usually), polyphonic (not always), archaic (often), Slavonic (not only). (Square of Social Dialogue – Open Jazdów)

Food – Ogródek, Jazdów 3/9 (Solatorium), 16.30 delivered by Cafe Crisis and Kitchen Conflict

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The venue „Osiedle Jazdów“ has an interesting history.
The Finnish cottage estate was built in 1945 as temporary housing for employees of the Office for Reconstruction of the Capital. It was established on the Vistula embankment, between the Sejm edifice and the Ujazdowski Park, on the site of the former Ujazdowski Hospital. The wooden houses included in this colony came from war reparations that Finland was forced to pay after the Second World War to the USSR. In March 1945, 400 houses were brought to Warsaw. Jazdów estate built according to plans as temporary for about 5 years has survived as the only one of its kind in Warsaw, constituting contemporary curiosity of Warsaw’s Śródmieście. In April 2017, the urban layout of Osiedle Jazdów was included in the commune record of monuments.

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