Polish Premiere at COP24

We invite you to the First Show in Poland at COP24

The screening will take place on 11th December, 2018,in GALERIA SZYB WILSON (The Wilson Shaft Gallery)
Ul. Oswobodzenia 1 (Street)Nikiszowiec (district), KATOWICE

Film show “Human Energy”, which will be at the end of the conference “Towards New Climate”https://web.facebook.com/events/2212017032456314/

The organizers provide free Bus departing from Spodek Arena at 4:45 PM and 6:15 PM

>There is also free public bus S1 (from The Spodek Arena, bus stop: Strefa Kultury NOSPR to the bus stop: Nikiszowiec Szyb Wilson

The public transport buses also reach the destination – buses 30, 109



Our climate is still changing. In many European countries, citizens pay extra to the coal market from taxes but also in energy bills. According to Hans-Josef Fell from the Energy Watch Group, the German government spent 3.2 billion euros for coal subsidies in 2016. If the perspective of lost life conditions on the only planet to live is not enough argument, let’s talk about money. If you were told that you could earn more on switching to clean energy than on a super deposit in a bank? More than 4%? Would that encourage you?The very idea of ​​acting for the community is obviously as old as humanity, and the state is probably the most popular form of community. But the state, instead of dealing with our common good and health, cares more about the interests of multinational corporations. What would have been happened if instead of squandering money for obsolete thinking and technologies, we could spend it on building small, local wind or solar power plants that will produce energy for the local community? The circulated economy. That is more or less the idea of ​​energy cooperatives. in Germany alone, there are almost a thousand.”Human Energy” by Adam Dzienis is the first film about Renewable Energy Source cooperatives and communities movement in Europe. Made up from conversations and observations of their activities in a dozen different countries is told in the form of a collective protest. Innovative narratives and different approaches to the theme have caused the film to be displayed and appreciated at many international film festivals.You can treat the movie as a guide how to establish your own RES coop and make money on it 😉

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