Screening at Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw

Screening at Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw

Lots of people were at the last film screening at the Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw! 🙂 The more so that Dantean heat prevailed in Warsaw and throughout Poland.

The heat wave lasted for over a week. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management on Saturday 16th June issued the first and second degree warnings for 6 out of 10 provinces. There were temperatures in the whole country to which we are used rather in August, not at the beginning of June. In some regions of Poland thermometers indicated over 30 degrees Celsius.

Added to this were reports of rainstorms, floods in cities, hailstorms and even airborne trumpets in the north of the country. In the face of a climate disaster, can we do something for ourselves?, 2019.06.14

Meeting after film screening

We talked almost 2 hours  Director and producer Adam Dzienis said he made this film to show people that they can act and start to feel the power, that they have an impact on their surroundings and life. There were also questions about how to interest people to be active, what arguments will convince them?

Adam Dzienis said, that Human Energy tells a story of many different people from 12 European countries, modern hobbits sort of speak, frightened by the catastrophic perspective of climate change. They break the stereotypical approach and take power into their hands to fight with multinational energy corporations differently. Adam Dzienis said that  there’s no narrator in the movie and he gave the voice to founders, supporters, and members of different RES coops – Renewable Energy Source cooperatives.

We found who is responsible… and Human Energy primarily tells how to take care of ourselves, empower people to act and make together money on it.

BartÅ‚omiej Kupiec, analyst Instrat Foundation and editor-in-chief of the portal Energystreamer talked about whether in Poland the law is favourable for initiatives to produce and sell renewable energy. The was a question how quickly will we feel the savings in our wallet? 😉 We talked about the fact that there are funding programmes, but it’s hard to get through the knowledge from media. Also about that Poland is divided and there is no field for talks. Holding the debate Jan ChudzyÅ„ski even mentioned the initiative of the church, which in their unused field they plan to put solar farms. And Weronika Bloch added that in such initiatives, there could be citizens, but if people know how to do it. And positive examples attract the next. E.g. Polish group on FB: @Krakowska Elektrownia SpoÅ‚eczna, where local leader Radek WroÅ„ski made a deal with the housing community and put photovoltaics for himself, and after watching our film he started working with people to put on a cooperative and cluster.

The following took part in the discussion: Adam Dzienis Director and film producer, Weronika Bloch, and Bartłomiej Kupiec Foundation Instrat analyst and editor-in-chief of the Energystreamer portal and viewers 🙂

The show was held as part of the Festival for Climate Camp / June 14-15( Festiwal Obozu dla Klimatu / 14-15 czerwca) with support of initiative Stół Powszechny in Powszechny Theatre. The festival was co-financed from the capital city of Warsaw.

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