ENE – East Northeast Film Festival, Newburgh NY, USA

ENE – East Northeast Film Festival, Newburgh NY, USA

Human Energy have been selected for ENE – East Northeast Film Festival. There were over 3,000 submissions. So far 9 documentaries have been qualified, including one shown at #Sundance 🙂 We invite you to #Newburgh, #NY, Aug 23 – Sept 2, 2019

The main prize at the festival is *The Edison© award. On April 1, 1884, one of the country’s first central electric generating stations opened in the then Village of Newburgh, New York. 

That village, now City of Newburgh, is where the festival takes place.

Thomas Alva Edison personally supervised the construction of the facility which was designed to produce power for incandescent lighting. The Village of Newburgh station provided a 1,600-light capacity. It still stands at 59-69 Montgomery Street. 

From George Washington to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, writers to architects, poets to painters, inventors to actors – the invention of the silver screen – down to the first box spring mattress all started here.

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