Adam Dzienis at Internacional Radio

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27 April 2019
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22 May 2019
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Adam Dzienis at Internacional Radio

"A better and infinitely cheaper way to produce energy in a decentralized and autonomous way"

On Friday, 10 May 2019, Adam Dzienis was invited for an interview by Ricardo Fraguas Poole, who is famous for its articles and reports published in prestigious media from all over the world, including The Washington Post, World News & World Report, New York News Day and Daily News. In the past, he has interviewed many politicians and figures of the world economy, as a news reporter and host of international news reports in TVE (Spanish Television) and in the channel 24h. Nowadays, he presents and directs the only audiovisual program dedicated to promoting information regarding sustainable mobility, “Emisión Cero” at International Radio.



[ “Return power to the people.”

We no longer have to be subjected to the dependence on fossil fuels. We have the solution to meet all our energy needs from natural, clean and renewable sources.
A better and infinitely cheaper way to produce energy in a decentralized and autonomous way that allows citizen participation. Director and film producer Adam Dzienis tells us about it at “Emisión Cero”. We congratulate him on the release of his film “Human Energy” and try to accelerate the step into the era of energy abundance and autonomy.
In this program, we also congratulate Titan, Manuel de Vivar, sportsman and founder businessman of the innovative Stage Branding Agency, Keynut. He has just successfully completed 600 km of cycling in the African desert, in what is considered one of the most demanding sporting events of the moment.
Thanks to Radio Internacional de España, you can listen to the programme at the following link: ]

Interview with Adam can be heard from 22:10 minutes. The interview was in English, translated into Spanish.