Interview in the Polish Radio 3

Interview in the Polish Radio 3

We have been invited to a Polish radio program @RadiowaTrojka, 24 March 2019 to the Paweł Drozd broadcast: “The world from the thrush flight”. He invites interesting people to talk about their travels and stories that inspire you to go beyond the “corset of patterns”. You can hear our story of how the film „Human Energy” was made. you can hear our story about how the film “Human Energy” was made. Traveling through 12 countries, meeting many people who wanted to share their ideas on how to change the way energy is obtained to fight climate change and make money together.

The podcast in polish language is available at: broadcast
On this website, you will find the red “play” sign on the left to listen to the whole program. The conversation with us is at the end of the broadcast.

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The title of the program: World from the flight of Drozd Hosted by: Paweł Drozd Guests: Magdalena Gołębiowska-Śmiałek (author of the book “Faraway, Buddhist Kingdom of Mustang”), Roman Husarski (traveller), Adam Dzienis, Weronika Bloch (travellers) Issue date: 24/03/2019 Time of issue: 8.08

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